JGAurora G3 UV LCD 3D Printer 2019 New Arrival Innovation with 2.8'' Smart Touch Color Screen

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  1. JGAurora G3 LCD 3D Printer use UV Parallel light source with high precision. 2K LCD screen,HD masking LCD gives very fine printing details down to few micrometers.
  2. It can print many kinds of complicated models. High print accuracy and surface smoothness.
  3. Intelligent printing. You can pre-view the model in U disc like you saw pictures in Windows OS. Real-time display printing process function is available now. Also Support U disc off-line printing.
  4. Wide application: used in toys, garden tools, Medical application, dental application and so on.


More features:


  1. Printing fast, you can expect the model on a short time.
  2. Inner air-purification system: Combined with the activated carbon to filtrate bad smell and keep air clean.
  3. Quiet printing. Don’t worry to bear the terrible noise during printing.


Product Specification:


Screen: 2.8 Inch Color TFT Touch Screen

Build Volume: 128*72*150mm

Product Dimension: 232*224*243mm

Product Weight: 6.5KG

Z Axis accuracy: 1.25 microns

XY resolution: 1920*1080

Print Speed: 20mm/hour

Rated power: 50W

Light Source: UV-LED (wave-length 405mm)

Materials: 405nm UV-Resin

Layer Thickness: 25-100 microns

Slicing Software: ChiTuBox

File Format: STL, cbddlp

Connectivity: USB memory offline print