JGAURORA A5S High Resolution Desktop Upgrade 3D Printer Colorful Touch Screen Large Print Size 305x305x320mm Reliable 3D Printing

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JGAURORA A5S User Guide 20190521 (A5S_User_Guide_Final.pdf, 8,862 Kb) [Download]

JGAURORA A5S Firmware 20190617 (A5S_Firmware_20190617.bin, 190 Kb) [Download]

A5S Plus PLA

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It's really the best price performance 3d printer with lots of benefits.Cobtroling via touching display is the best I have, very simple, inteligent. Also coms with 250g filament so you can ASAP start with printing.
28 0
This 3D printer represents great value for a beginner who wants to get printing straight away. Very short setup time and first print was a success. Best thing about it is the bed size. Best value for a larger bed machine.
24 0
Works with box very high quality product. I advise you. This is already the second printer
35 0
The machine fully meets my requirements, the precision is good,very satisfied with their machines and services, it is easy to operate it. 
26 0
It is amazing.super delivery.Perfect Printer.I loved it so much.
33 0
Great printer very easy to use and user friendly. So this is one rock solid printer and it comes basically fully assembled you just need to put in a couple screws. This printer has everything LCD touch screen, dual z axis, power resume after outage or sd failure, filiment run...
52 0
Very good !
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