JGAURORA Magic DIY High Precision 3D Printer with Metal Base Filament Run Out Detection Resume Print and Build-in Power Supply 220x220x250mm

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JGMAKER Marlin Source 20190515 (Marlin.rar, 3,611 Kb) [Download]

JGMAKER User Guide 20190521 (Magic_User_Guide_0521.rar, 24,440 Kb) [Download]

JGMAKER Firmware 20190303 (M1-EN-20190303V1.rar, 118 Kb) [Download]

Magic Plus PLA

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I highly recommend this printer.The printer was easy to assemble And pretty straightforward.The package includes a sd card that has all the information you need. It comes with all the programs and a video for assembly. Overall I’m highly satisfied with this printer and the way it prints.The only downside...
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It arrived right on time (only a week). The sealed box was packed very well...lots of padding, everything secured and travelled safely.
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